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air condition with ozone remote control products
air condition with ozone remote control products
fremail gel
lady gel brand for female
Ozone Purification : The Water Model
* Filters drinking water, kills germs, purifies chlorine and increases oxygen level in the water.
* Disinfects germs and toxic sediments. Can be used to wash dishes, glasses and kitchen utensils for complete sterilization of germs cleansing products. Can be used for laundry, where less detergent will be needed and leaves no toxic substances on the clothes.
* Can be used to clean fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood as ozone helps to prolong the freshness.
* Can be used for mouth washing as ozone prevents cavities and gum diseases.
* Can be used for bathing to reduce skin roughness and bring smoothness. Can also be used for hair washing to treat dandruff and clean the toxic substances.
* Can be used to disinfects mold spores that inhibit on the feet.
* Can be used for fish aquarium to prevent water contamination.
Eye Massagers
Relax your eye relax your mind

Personal & Health

Foot Massager
Hair Care
Home Spa
Medical Equipment
Ozone purification
Safety Mask
Sanitary napkins
rice noodle
Microwavable Rice & Noodle
Plus tea, eggplant BV-bvplus
Thai fruits
Vaccum Fried fruit & Vegetable chips
air condition with ozone remote control products
One Dish Asia - ready to cook meal kits
Instant noodles

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