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Safe driving is a duty as well a pleasure for every driver/motorcycle rider.
Tyres are essential for ensuring vehicle stability and safety. Tyre Check makes possible tyres pressure and temperature control at all times.
The main product advantages are:

Greater safety: tyres are constantly controlled by the system, thereby ensuring correct vehicle road holding.

Less costs: constantly correct tyre pressure and temperature results in reduced fuel consumption and longer tyre life.

Less accidents: it is well known that a sudden tyre blow out can cause accidents, including mortal accidents.

The system kit contains a control unit with display to be installed inside the vehicle and sensors to be fitted inside each tyre.

The control unit displays the actual pressure and temperature of each tyre and informs the driver with visual and acoustic alarms in case of anomalous tyre conditions.
Sensors are continuously measuring pressure and temperature of each tyre, sending data to the control unit. The driver is thereby warned if there is something wrong. Alarm thresholds are pre-set by All-Tech or can be user-defined. Pressure threshold can be also differentiated from front to rear tyres by the user. In case of wrong setting by the user, the alarm is pre-set by All-Tech to 1.2 bar (= 17.4 PSI) for pressure and 80C for temperature.
Sensors have a save-battery circuit to avoid current consumption when the vehicle remains stationary.

In the CAR the control unit with display, can be installed by simply connecting up two wires to the car battery or more easily through an optional equipped cigarette lighter plug. OEM kits can be also provided in order to install the control unit inside the car with the display perfectly integrated with the dashboard.
In the MOTORBIKE the control unit is fitted under the saddle and the small display is positioned on the instrument panel. The internal sensors, with aluminium valves provided, are fitted directly to the wheel rim in place of the inflation valve by means of a simple screw fitting operation locking firmly the valve and the sensor to the rim. The reduced dimensions of the sensor ensure neat installation on the wheel rim.



Actual pressure of each tyre display

Actual temperature of each tyre display

Low pressure alarm set by the user according to vehicle and tyre characteristics. Pressure threshold can be differentiated from front to rear tyres. In case of no pressure alarm setting or wrong setting, the alarm is pre-set by All-Tech to 1.2 bar (= 17.4 PSI).

High temperature alarm set by the user according to vehicle and tyre characteristics. In case of no temperature alarm setting or wrong setting, the alarm is pre-set by All-Tech to 80C.

Bad operation alarm

Resistance to humidity: 90% without condensation

Operating temperature: -45C +85C

Receiving frequency: 433.92 MHz

Dimensions of central for cars: 100x45x20 mm.

Actual tyre pressure measure

Actual tyre temperature measure

Radio transmission: 433,92 MHz

Pressure and temperature measuring every 5 seconds and transmitting every 30 seconds

Alarm transmission after detection: from 0 to 5 seconds

16,777,215 different identification codes for each sensor (3 bytes)

Total resistance to dust, water and punches sealant

Lithium battery 750 mA. Battery life: approx. 8 years or 4,000 hours of vehicle operation (considering 50 km/h average speed, this means 200.000 Km)

Battery use during product stocking: nil

Weight: about 30 g

Operating temperature: -45C +85

Dimensions: 57x32x13 mm.


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