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Plus tea, eggplant BV-bvplus

Plus tea, eggplant BV. is the latest innovation of the Institute for Innovation and Progress Health. The invention of the tea production of eggplant for the first time in Thailand last year was down 0.2551 Yannawa Thai Rath newspaper about the utilization of eggplant tea for diabetes by Dr. W. F Chai Chai Gateway. Faculty of Pharmacy. Chiang Mai University.

Tea made ​​from the eggplant eggplant. which is different from the common tea leaves of the plant, which is often used to produce tea. For crops and to keep such substances, especially at the eggplant is a family of tomato plants with stem size largest But the size of the smallest. The eggplant is the result of the active ingredients are packed. These include the iron and calcium and soluble fiber. And not water soluble. Eggplant, tea is tea at a concentration of high water to brew with a liter diabetic patients should drink tea all day long eggplant. If you do not eat eggplant tea out. Can be stored in the refrigerator for drinking the next day. For tea, eggplant, if refrigerated, you should eat it within two days. If you eat it any access, you should drink tea, eggplant will immediately to help the active ingredients in many of the eggplant action to deal with food, it went and then drive away with a stool, tea eggplant BV Plus packaged in boxes per box 30 packets. 1 box can drink up to a month if you take a pack a day.
Plus tea, eggplant BV. (Bvplus).
Eggplant. the plants along the Thai Kitchen center. Such as green curry beef curry.
Curry wild chili shrimp paste , or some spicy fried. The recipes that we have. receive the inheritance since ancient times.
Not ponder the flavor nation alone ....
Substance found in the eggplant.
Call Lenovo site. (. Torvoside. ). help reduce cholesterol in the bloodstream because of the structure.
Of substance. that is similar to cholesterol. it helps reduce cholesterol absorbed by the intestine and stimulate the liver.
Lead to cholesterol in the blood increased. As well as to inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.

With formulas, thus preventing the blood vessels and affect blood coagulation system.
Solar Aberdeen. (. Solasodine. ). is a compound containing the cancer-fighting properties. The study revealed that there is.
Performance. image for inhibiting the abnormal proliferation of cells, which is the main cause of cancer

Pectin. (. pectin. ). help control blood sugar levels. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular strength and narrow
Reduce the risk of blood pressure to d.
Saponin. (. Saponin. ). have a pituitary effect and strengthen the body immune system.
Who can eggplant Tea Plus BV (bvplus).

Pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, as well as scratch disease out with these diseases caused by eating sweets are not aware of it, and the toxic residues. Accumulate in the body. And ultimately cause disease sequelae.

How to brew tea, eggplant B V Plus. (Bvplus).

Details of the eggplant. Is the art of tea is different from the general course, tea. Tea made ​​from the leaves of the plant. Would differ from the tea made ​​from the plant. Eggplant slowly BV Plus is the scent itself. We will be flavor of the tea bag when removed from the eggplant to it first. If we want to smell the tea brewing remains. We will not boil tea, eggplant into a false sense of boiling water.
Fat removal activities with eggplant.

7 day colon cleaning (light body, not uncomfortable.)
14-day weight began to decrease.
30 days Acne skin inflammation sad collapse (28 days old skin cells).
2 months began to decrease fat accumulation. (6-week old cells).
4 months, better health from the inside. (Red cells, 120 days old).

Any conduct

1. Diets containing fat such as fried food, fried oil of all kinds. Including meat, stick with it. May choose to eat plant fats are unsaturated fats like olive, peanuts high canola, rice bran, etc., or deep sea fishing is quite a bit.

2. By polished white flour, sugar and sweets (do not do in the case of diabetes, then it may cause low blood sugar too) to eat brown rice, oats or wheat, not white polish instead.

3. Stop eating all night. If you are hungry or need to eat brown rice instead of water.

4. Luis eat eggplant extract 1 liter per day.
Removal of fat from the event.

1. The first symptoms appear, some whacked. Because the body is not accustomed to the surrender of sugar But will begin to be within 3-7 days then start a better mood light, do not feel uncomfortable as before.

2. Liver and pancreas will be living more. It does not have to work at night. The liver itself will have the capacity to eliminate toxic residues in the body more.

3. Eggplant will absorb water better to leave with more motion. It will accelerate the use of liver cholesterol in the liver itself to produce more bile. Therefore, at this time if the good preservation of the liver. Removal of cholesterol will be effective.

4. Abstain drinking cold water (The Chinese eat a lot, but it always drink hot tea) is even better to see results.

5. We can eat salad vegetables on the dinner. Will help to eliminate toxins more effectively. Everything will have to try and discover the magic of your own body that we are the youthful than we thought.
Table shows the amount of pectin substances when compared with traditional vegetables.
On February 1, Dr. Chaiwat Gateway Chai, Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medicine. Head Study of Medicinal Plants Research Institute for Health Innovation healthy progress of the research revealed that about eggplant. "eggplant plants along the Thai Kitchen for a long time." Whether it is curry. Curry coconut milk beef curry or the various help absorb the oil from food

From the study. Found that the eggplant has a fiber material known. "pectin." which can help increase the thickness of the intestinal wall. The flour and sugar and then absorb digested slowly. Sugar level is not high, so suddenly can help control diabetes as well.

In addition, "eggplant" to help absorb the bile from the digestive system causes the liver to create bile accelerate the replacement of cholesterol by the liver itself. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular strength and narrow Pectin also has the ability to absorb fat from food. Reduces the absorption of carbohydrate foods into your body. Preventable disease, high blood pressure and heart disease. Eggplant is a vegetable with high fiber. By fiber over eggplant and eggplant, and more than 3 times to 65 times.
Table of dietary fiber in the eggplant.
Antioxidant activity of indigenous vegetables by ABTS.
Table shows the amount of calcium in various foods.
Nutrition information in the eggplant.

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